My Story

Everyone has a story. Here's mine:

I'm the mother of four beautiful girls.  Yes, it's a lot of drama for this momma. We are a homeschooling family and it's not something I EVER thought I'd be.  Our oldest started 7th grade this year. She is my "little momma" and bookworm. Our daughter #2 is my mini-me and such a creative, sensitive soul.  #3 turned 7 in September and she's keeping me on my toes as always!  Last but not least #4 celebrated 4 years in September.  She is our surprise blessing and just the sweetest thing.   My husband and I reached 18 years of marriage this year.  He has supported me through many things including many home-party businesses that haven't been what I wanted them to be.

In December of 2007 when I placed my first Scentsy order I had no intentions of signing up for yet another one.  The orders were Christmas presents for my mom, mother-in-law, and of course myself.  I instantly fell in love.  During the same time my husband had taken a new job that required a relocation so our house was on the market.  After having constant praise on how great our house smelled for showings and the simple fact that I was using three warmers 24/7 I figured I should sign up.  I figured with the low $150 every three month requirement to stay active I could keep myself, mom, and mother-in-law stocked plus if a friend or someone wanted to buy I could support my new addiction of Scentsy! So I took the leap on Feb 25th 2008 at around midnight.  Did I mention I didn't tell my husband? I figured he'd think "great another business" and not really be thinking "Yes! I can't wait!" 

We soon sold our house and moved two states away.  Who would have thought that would be the beginning of such an amazing journey?  I talked with my husband about having signed up and how I wanted to share Scentsy a little and see if I could get this thing moving.  But where to start when you know no one and are in a completely new area??  Well, leap number two was going to Convention that year.  My husband kept our two girls so I could go.  Boy, was I wrong about him supporting me with Scentsy. Anyway, at convention I learned great ideas on how to grow Scentsy and got so excited about the company. I came back and just started talking to anyone I came in contact with.  Amazingly it worked! lol.  Before long I had a growing team and group of loyal customers.  I promoted to Director in Oct 2008 just 8 short months after joining and in 2009 promoted to Star Director. The team of ladies and gents that I get to work with are the best.   We've moved again a few months after moving to Kansas but that hasn't slowed the growth of my business or team.  I'm proud to work with over many directors and hundreds of people in my downline and growing!

Some of the fabulous things Scentsy has done for me and my family: Scentsy paid for my husband and I to go to Banff in June of 2009 (yes, I was huge and pregnant but not about to miss this amazing trip!). It was our second honeymoon.  I went to the Riveria Maya in Jan 2012 and my husband and I went on an all expense paid trip for two to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic summer 2012 (yes, again I was pregnant and no this will not become a theme. lol)!  My Scentsy paycheck payed for a week long family trip to Disney January 2013.  Seeing Disney magic in the girls eyes was so amazing and I'm already planning a trip back!  

So here I sit here almost 9 years later, wondering what other fantastic opportunities are in my future, how many new friendships I'll develop, and how my income will impact my family's future.   

Now I'd like you to think how you and your family will be blessed by Scentsy.  I can't wait to hear your story!